Sambalpuria Community

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Registration Benifits:
  • You will pay Rs. 10 for obtain your Membership ID
  • You can encourage people to join Sambalpuri Culture using your referal link.
  • For each member registered via your referal link, you will get Rs. 5.
  • Privillage to download all Sambalpuri entertainment available on the site
  • Being a memebr of Sambalpuri Culture you will be invited for all social gathering of Sambalpuri Culture.
  • Most important of this community is "Sambalpuria Help". This is a new concept. Sambalpuria people are present through out the globe. If you are getting some issues or problem may be when you are out of town or in some critical situation or you may need blood donners for a critical medical situation, you can get details of Sambalpuria people available in your nearby location and ask for HELP.
  • Being a Sambalpuria your primary responsibility is to help people who need you in your locality.